12th May 2015

Copyright Richard Haughton

Copyright Richard Haughton

Conductor: Rebecca Miller

Tuesday 12th May 2015, 7.30pm
St John’s Smith Square


– Debussy La Mer
– Mahler Symphony No.1

Rebecca Miller on the programme: “Well, performing Mahler 1 has been a dream of mine for along time, so when I was approached by the Salomon Orchestra and had a look at the repertoire list and saw it hadn’t been performed for a long time, I threw the suggestion out there – a little like testing pasta against the fridge – and lo and behold, it stuck. It’s always interesting trying to programme for an orchestra you’ve never met before, but I knew the reputation of the Salomon Orchestra, and saw from previous programmes that you liked to do big repertoire. Then comes the inevitable question – what can you possibly put alongside Mahler 1? It’s a massive piece, but not quite enough for an entire programme – a bit like just diving into a gigantic Texas-sized steak dinner, but without anything green to go with it. It needed to be something contrasting, but not so contrasting so as to seem trite next to ‘The Titan’. With such dynamic and incredible orchestration in the symphony, the orchestration must also be the focus in the other piece, but in an entirely different way. So I turned to Debussy – I felt that there is a similarity in the colorful and evocative and entirely unique use of the orchestra in each composer, but also that there is a relation in how each composer treats – and pushes the envelope – of tonal harmony to the very precipice of atonality. There are a great many notes on the programme, and I hope that each piece takes the listener on a distinct and entrancing journey.”

Tickets are available from St John’s Smith Square.