Salomon words 2

Via Twitter: “Thank you @SalomonOrch @HeskethMusic @tarapersaud for inspired concert. My new ambition is to become an amateur musician- much more fun!” Guy Johnston after performing Dvorak’s Cello Concerto on 14th October 2014 as a soloist, with his father and sister both in the orchestra. The concert also included Suk’s dramatic Asrael Symphony: “the Asrael Symphony spoke to me from the first violins, from each hopeful passage produced from Tara Persaud‘s bow in her dramatic solos… I echoed with them, I’ll evolve as they told me to.  Thanks for all that magic, Josef Suk and Salomon Orchestra!”. Read more about this concert as reviewed by Luis Masutier here.

“The Salomon Orchestra is one of London’s best non-professional orchestras and they can often go where others fear to tread … [On Panufnik’s Sinfonia Sacra] The orchestra responded magnificently, and under Newton’s persuasive direction really brought the work to life, filling its symbolic structures with heart and emotion.” Robert Hugill’s review of Salomon Orchestra, 25 June 2014.

“..the impressive choral forces and the two excellent soloists were often no match for the orchestra. The Salomon Orchestra was in fine form, with brass, strings and percussion effectively painting the seascape.” Michael Gray’s review of Salomon Orchestra with Waltham Singers, Chelmsford, 16 November 2013.

“The concert showed the Salomon Orchestra at the top of its form … I look forward to further concerts in the orchestra’s 50th anniversary season.” Robert Hugill on Salomon Orchestra, St John’s Smith Square, February 2013.

“Their concerts are always a treat… The Salomon Orchestra’s performance was breathtaking in its unanimity, precision, intonation, energy, excitement and commitment.” Jonathan Burton on Salomon Orchestra’s concert, March 2009.